Why Your Business Needs a Digital Strategy

Establishing your brand’s website and social network presence is not the end of your online marketing effort, it’s only the beginning. How do you plan to proceed from this point on? Most businesses choose to run promotional ad campaigns when they have a new offering and to send email newsletter to people who have signed up for this. Do you think that this is effective or efficient? It’s neither. For exploiting all marketing opportunities which the web has to offer, you will need a complete digital strategy with clearly set goals and methods for achieving them. Let me explain why this is important in greater detail.

Effective Target Marketing
Let’s say you are making great SEO effort and it is paying off in the form of higher traffic. Has this resulted in higher conversion? If not, your on-page marketing doesn’t work. Maybe you are not targeting the right people or you lack re-marketing. What if your sales increase during an ad campaign, but drop sharply afterwards? This means that you have missed the chance to win loyal customers.

With a digital strategy, you will not experience these and similar pitfalls. In the core of the strategy sits your target audience. It will be clearly defined after thorough research on my part as a digital consultant. The strategy will feature all the right instruments for targeting prospects from search engine and email marketing to social media engagement and ads. With detailed analytics, we will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of each instrument and make improvements where needed.

Engagement and Loyalty
Individual marketing efforts have short-term effect and you most certainly know this from experience. With a complete digital strategy, you will not only be able to attract customers and to increase your sales in the short term. You will enjoy strong performance and steady growth in the long term because you will have customers who have a connection with your brand and who form an expanding loyal customer base.

Cost Efficiency
Do you know what ROI you are getting from your digital marketing effort? Around 53% of the businesses in the UK don’t, according to Smart Insights’ report for 2015. If you cannot measure what return you receive from each pound spent, you are most probably losing money. One of the key advantages of a digital strategy is that it will have accurate data for measuring performance. You will have a clear idea of how you spend your money and what monetary and non-monetary benefits like brand loyalty you are getting in return.

Long-Term Success
A digital strategy allows you to establish strong marketing fundamentals which will keep producing results over time without extra spending. Once you engage a large number of customers via your Facebook page, for instance, you will no longer need a large investment to maintain their interest. This will give you the opportunity to invest more in innovative tools for marketing. This is how the big players manage to stay competitive in the long term. You can be among them too.

Did you know that only 55% of organisations in the UK had a digital strategy in 2015? If you want to gain a leadership position in your industry, now is the time to get one.

Source: http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/managing-digital-marketing-2015/

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