My goal is to stay ahead of the trends in digital technologies, team management, product development and consulting and this makes me a regular attendant of the top technology and business conferences and events in Europe and around the globe. As a person passionate for travel, innovation and achieving excellence in everything, I simply love them. Being among the first people to get introduced to the latest industry insights, resources and tools enables me to broaden my vision and grow my expertise further. By connecting with fellow professionals and innovators of various fields, I have built a wide network of contacts and have formed quite a few successful partnerships.

Each of the conferences and events that I have attended has contributed to my professional development in a special way.


I have attended every edition of the annual MobCon conference since the beginning. This is a fantastic way for me to get valuable insights into the latest trends, especially in mobile, such as the rise of messaging and personalisation. Among the most interesting presentations for me are the ones at which executives share their experience with mobile app development for their companies. This has helped me to fine tune my approach as a digital consultant in this particular field. I gain a better understanding of the concerns that companies have when planning the development of their own app and provide more detailed explanations.

Mobile strategies and ongoing app optimization are other areas which I explore further at MobCon – there is always detailed analysis with great practical application. I’ve applied many of the things which I have learned in my work to help my clients receive revenue-generating mobile apps with solid long-term potential. At each annual conference, I attend all presentations related to IoT as this is a new niche which my team at Whiz and I are entering and want to gain a competitive position in it.

Le Web

Dubbed the place “where revolutionaries gather to plot the future” by The Economist, Le Web is the largest technology conference in Europe. The internet event gathers together digital leaders, creative thinkers and the international media. Hundreds of start-ups participate every year.

I attended the 10th edition of Le Web held in Paris, France, in December 2013 and this was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve had as a digital consultant and entrepreneur. The conference explored the development of the fastest-growing market segments including mobile and social over the course of the next 10 years with some of the brightest minds in the industry making their predictions. I gained valuable industry insights and a deeper understanding of the major long-term trends from the presentations of the keynote speakers. The list included Bradley Horowitz, who was VP of Product at Google back then and talked about the development of their apps, and Chris Daniels, VP of Facebook, who spoke on the shift to mobile.

I was more than excited to hear the speech of Fred Wilson, founder and managing partner at Union Square Ventures, one of the major venture capitalist firms investing in tech start-ups. He talked about the practical implementation of technology and I can say that this had a major positive impact on my approach in digital consulting and management as the CEO of a web and mobile app development company. I took full advantage of the networking opportunities at the conference (not only at the great parties) and met many interesting and inspiring people. We discussed the trends and shared ideas. Overall, I learned a lot at Le Web and established strong professional relationships.

Mobile Developer Summit

Mobile Developer Summit, known as MODS for short, is a mobile technology conference held annually since 2010. Keynote speakers include primarily developers who are innovators in their niche, usually iOS or Android. The conference coincides with the App Pavilion expo where companies present their creations in the field of mobile app development.

When I went to the Mobile Developer Summit conference, I felt like a kid in a candy store, literally. I learned valuable new things about combining different technologies for iOS and Android development. When speakers presented the novelties in app building, I was really proud that my team at Whiz and I were working in line with the latest trends. The most interesting presentations for me were the ones on the different methods for monetising mobile apps. This inspired me for lots of new ideas which I am now sharing with my business clients as a digital consultant. I was happy to enrich my knowledge in the field of ad technology too as the majority of apps which we are building have an integrated system for serving ads.

The presentations on mobile payments kept me glued to my seat. This is a market niche which has great potential and my team has already established a position in it after developing the functionality for contactless payments via Android smartphone for the mobile banking app of First Investment Bank in Bulgaria. I was eager to get deeper understanding of the latest innovations so that we could incorporate them in our work. We are also beginning to build apps for the IoT niche and my plan is for Whiz to develop this business further. That is why I took full advantage of all presentations on this leading topic. I met many interesting people at the Mobile Developer Summit and found the discussions with them, particularly on native app development, to be really useful.

eCommerce Expo

A 2-day event held annually in London, United Kingdom, combining a conference and an exhibition dedicated to e-commerce. The presentations are on a wide range of topics from strategies to payments. Exhibitors include companies providing professional products and services to online retailers.

I consult various companies looking to enter the e-commerce industry or to establish a more competitive position in it and this naturally sparked my interest in eCommerce Expo. I attended all talks at the conference as practically all of them were useful to me as a professional. I derived great benefits from the presentations on marketing, customer service and payments because these are areas which my team at Whiz focuses on heavily when building online stores. I got more details on the latest trends in e-commerce strategy development and learned new insights which have proven to be invaluable for me in my work as a digital consultant and team leader.

Attending the exhibition turned out to be an extremely rewarding experience and really exceeded my expectations. I experienced various new products and technologies first hand and noted emerging trends. Evaluating what competitors were doing helped me a lot with setting the direction for the expansion of the e-commerce services offered by my company. I met talented people who were great to talk to. We had highly productive discussions and I believe that all of us learned something new and useful. The best thing about eCommerce Expo was that it inspired me for coming up with ideas that have important practical application.


This annual technology conference held in Sofia Bulgaria is the largest event of its kind in South Eastern Europe. The event brings together global industry leaders, digital gurus, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. It also hosts a start-up competition.

I have attended every edition of the DigitalK conference since the first one in 2011. What I really like about the event is that it has presentations on a highly diverse set of topics in the digital field. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from brand experience experts and I’m proud to say that I’ve applied successfully many ideas which they have inspired me for. I’m always eager to find out what investors have to say. This gives me an even better understanding of what businesses and the end consumer are really looking for in technology. I’m also sharpening my senses for spotting new profitable opportunities to transform into a start-up venture.

The topics directly related to the niches which I’m venturing into with my team at Whiz are naturally of great interest to me. The list includes IoT and the digitalisation of payments. I love the discussions, which are growing in number on the agenda every year, especially on topics that I’m always looking to enrich my knowledge in such as e-commerce. The conference is a great place for networking too. I’ve personally spoken to many of the keynote speakers. For me, DigitalK has always been a great source of information and inspiration.


This is a global series of events dedicated to enterprises, policies and start-ups in the digital era. They attract prominent speakers from around the world including successful company leaders, venture capitalists, developers, educators, journalists and key political figures. The Webit Festival is held annually in Sofia, Bulgaria, Webit EMEA takes place every year in Istanbul, Turkey and Webit Global is well, global.

I’m a regular at the Webit Festival in Sofia and have attended the EMEA event in Istanbul too. I always take a good night’s sleep before the two-day conference simply because there is so much to learn and to experience. As an attendee, my focus is on the presentations and discussion panels directly related to my work as a digital consultant and manager of a team of programmers. I’ve learned a lot of new and useful things in strategic fields like the practical application of new technologies and the changing role of developers from purely tech professionals to business model expanders. This has helped me a great deal in my work with business clients, especially for the development of digital strategies.

I’m inspired by the experiences shared by keynote speakers such as directors at Fortune 500 companies and founders of extremely successful start-ups. It’s been amazing to meet some of them in person. I try to attend the major social events as they offer excellent networking opportunities. I’ve build excellent business relationships with talented people that I have met there. The trade and start-up expos, which are part of the Festival, are great for experiencing new digital products for the first time. Webit has helped me to broaden my horizon and to set ever higher goals for myself and for my company.