Successful organisations have strategic plans for each of their business units. Why leave your website and/or mobile app out?

Having a digital strategy will ensure not only that you will gain high return on your investment in the specific platform or application, but that it will become a long-term asset for your company.

It is all about establishing an individual business model for your new digital unit and creating a precise plan for action.

Your Trusted Digital Consultant

As a consultant, I work with each of my clients individually to build a complete strategy tailored to their needs.

Then, I implement it together with my team of professional web and mobile designers and developers at Whiz.

Using Rich Know-How

To develop an effective digital strategy, I combine expertise that I have gained over the years and original ideas. My work with businesses of various types and sizes from retailers, banks and media to pharmaceutical companies and accounting firms has helped to build unique know-how which I use to bring new projects to success. At the same time, I am always up to date with the latest digital trends and web and mobile technologies. This enables me to offer the most innovative solutions to my clients.

Creating Synergy

When I work with an organisation my goal is to go beyond establishing good communication and to achieve productive cooperation during the development and implementation of the digital strategy. That is why I place major importance on talks in person. When the project is large, my approach is to create groups for collaboration with members of my team and the client’s team. This translates into high efficiency and a remarkable end result. My work philosophy is that the complete synergy between all professionals involved in the work process brings the best outcome.

Building a Strong Partnership

My approach involves working with you at every step of the way towards reaching your objectives. After developing the digital strategy, I will help you to implement it by providing advice and feasible technical solutions in the short term and in the long term too. You set your digital goals and I will assist you to achieve them now and in the future. In the modern fast-paced environment, a solid partnership guarantees long-term success and I am here to work with you as your projects get bigger and your aims become higher.

If you are searching for an experienced and trustworthy partner for the development and implementation of your company’s digital strategy, get in touch with me.

Your Roadmap to Success

Managers can make the best decisions only when they have full transparent information. That is why I’d like to share the process for digital strategy development that I have established. React me out and let’s take a closer look at how you will take your company where you want it to be.

Getting the Full Picture

Let’s talk. Share your vision with me and any ideas that you have in mind. I will work with you to define the goals that you want to accomplish. During the first stage of the digital consulting process, my focus will be on getting to know your business, identifying any particular issues requiring a solution and understanding the needs and requirements that you have.

I will also research thoroughly the external environment that will you operate in and more specifically your market, competitors and target audience. I will identify opportunities available for your business online and potential threats that have to be avoided. The collected data will be used for specifying each and every detail of the digital strategy.

Thorough Planning

Structuring the best business model for you is my primary job at this stage of the process. I will use the ready market, competitor and target audience analysis to help you determine exactly how you will monetise your web platform and/or mobile application. In addition to pinpointing the major revenue sources, the focus will be on defining precisely your target market groups based on their individual characteristics including gender, age, location and interests. At this point, the foundation for your digital strategy is ready and I will outline the plan for its development. This involves allocating tasks to members of my team and defining a precise time frame with milestones for the completion of the work.

Conceptual Model Creation

My aim is to give you not simply a guideline to follow when putting your website, online store or mobile application to work, but a productively working prototype which you can apply directly just by adding input. My team and I will use a proven method for devising this blueprint based on the analysis that we have available. After the initial brainstorming process, we pick the best conceptual solutions and transform them into interactive prototypes.

The prototypes undergo meticulous testing in an environment close to the real one. In addition to using A/B tests for choosing the best alternative, we create simulations with actual consumers who have the characteristics of your target audience. The analysis from the experimental stage is used for developing the detailed concept of your digital strategy. The conceptual model will come with exact time period and financial evaluations. It will be fully ready for implementation.

A Complete Digital Marketing Plan

No matter what developmental stage your industry is at or how large or small your niche may be, you will need a marketing plan to get a head start and you can count on me and my team for its development as a fundamental part of your digital strategy. As an experienced digital consultant, I know the specifics of the online and mobile marketing channels exceptionally well. This will enable me to identify the best ones for your business given your target market groups and your competitor’s behaviour. This guarantees the highest level of effectiveness and cost efficiency.

We will determine exactly which groups to target via each marketing channel and the best way to do it. With a clearly set budget and time frame for the completion of every campaign, you will have effective management and never lose direction or control. We will also create a system for producing accurate analytics about the implementation of your marketing plan. You will know how well each of your campaigns performs at any given time based on a set of key factors. This will help you to make modifications for optimising your marketing timely. This kind of flexibility is invaluable in the current dynamic market environment.

What’s next for your business?

As a digital consultant with extensive experience, I can confidently say that there are always new peaks to conquer as your company grows and develops. You can always rely on me to be your trusted partner with any digital project that you want to implement.

You have a web project or mobile app development in mind and you want to achieve the highest return on investment with the use of a complete digital strategy?

Let’s discuss it.