As the founder of Whiz, I have consulted and brought to a successful completion web and mobile app development projects for leading companies in the finance, retail and media and communications industries.

I have successfully led our great teams of designers and developers at Whiz to completing more than 400 web, e-commerce, mobile application and software development projects for businesses.

For 2 decades at this position, I have built a wealth of experience and solidified my professional skills in digital consulting and team management.

I take great pride in the fact that the majority of these companies continue to use my digital consulting services and to rely on me and my team for reaching their ever higher digital goals.

I want to share more about my work with you.

Collaboration with First Investment Bank for the implementation of their digital strategy covering mobile and web solutions

A productive long-term partnership is what best describes the relationship between my company and First Investment Bank Bulgaria, Fibank, which is the largest with local capital in the country. We are working together on giving exceptional web and mobile services to the customers of Fibank and on incentives targeting their employees. Let me tell you more about our cooperation on major projects.

Development of an NFC payment functionality for the bank’s Android smartphone app

The project involved the Whiz team working together with the IT team of the bank and third parties for integrating digital card payment via NFC technology into the bank’s Android app. My primary role was to ensure effective collaboration for the development of the new functionality within the required time frame. I organised teams and monitored their performance so that we could follow the set plan and schedule exactly. I kept everyone on the same page and resolved creative disputes on several occasions. The result was mobile app designers and developers working in perfect sync for creating the digital card application process, the manageable card settings and the actual payment method. We paid great attention to detail to guarantee top performance and the highest level of security for the new app functionality.

I managed meetings with the bank’s executive director and his associates throughout the entire project to coordinate the work progress. Giving regular status updates to the client guaranteed smooth communication and minimised stress levels. We launched the new Fibank mobile app’s functionality on the planned date and now the bank’s customers can make payments just by bringing their phone close to the POS terminal.

I’m really proud to have been part of the team introducing contactless payment via Android smartphone to Bulgarian consumers.

Giving a complete makeover and new functionalities to First Investment Bank’s mobile application

To get a head start on this project, I led my team during the research and analysis stage. We created virtual personas combining the characteristics of the bank’s customers to determine what they really want from a native iOS and Android app for mobile banking. The brainstorming process was really constructive and we were ready to present our ideas to the bank. For this, I organised working groups between the two teams involved and created a strict agenda to be followed. This made the work extremely productive – the communication was smooth and everyone was highly enthusiastic.

After we set the project objectives, I developed the plan for its execution given the time available for this. I managed the teams by allocating clearly defined tasks and setting reasonable deadlines for their completion. When the conceptual design was ready, I summoned the working groups together again to confirm that the concept matched the client’s requirements. The design and development work progressed at the right pace with me giving guidance and resolving several issues here and there. One of the biggest challenges was the simplification of the process for making payments from a bank account and my team really did a fantastic job. Now the user can make this payment in less than a minute following five easy steps. The overall result was impeccable. The bank’s mobile app offers a detailed summary of all bank account and credit card transactions with colour graphics, an interactive map with branches and ATMs and a really easy way to make bank transfers.

Development of software for an incentive program of First Investment Bank and MasterCard

Upon the release of Debit MasterCard PayPass, the global payments company and the bank partnered with Whiz for creating and running a special incentive program designed to stimulate the sales of debit cards of this type at the branches of Fibank. My team was responsible for developing the software for the incentive and for its seamless integration with the bank’s internal system. During my initial meetings with the representatives of MasterCard and Fibank, I was highly focused and attentive and noted down even the smallest detail. This allowed me to create a perfect plan for the software’s development and to organise my team in the most effective way.

I communicated the goals of the project and the tasks to be completed clearly. I monitored the work and gave guidance to ensure that the programming process was highly productive. We created the software and integrated it with the bank’s internal system seamlessly while achieving the highest level of security. It had a full set of features for engaging the employees of the bank and for stimulating them to sell more MasterCard products. It also made the management of the incentive program easy.

Developing a digital strategy and leading my team to building a multi-platform website for the Mr.Bricolage retail chain in Bulgaria

The retail chain had already opened 11 stores in the country and wanted to present its products and offer customer services online. My role as a digital consultant was to help the management make strategic decisions regarding their online image and operations. For this, I studied the chain’s processes and identified the most effective alternative solutions available. I worked closely with the company’s managers for the development of their digital strategy. For this, my team and I did extensive research on the target market groups and competitors of Mr.Bricolage and came up with valuable data analysis. The strategic planning involved setting precise objectives for the company’s development in the digital sphere and creating a precise business model for meeting them. The main goal was to build a multi-platform website with a full product catalogue and a support centre for customers. The site had to have a custom CMS for managing the content and the services provided online.

As the leader of Whiz, I was heavily involved in the website development project. During the preparation stage, I organised discussion groups with members of my team and that of the client for perfecting the site’s conceptual design before we could get down to designing it and doing the programming. My role involved not only delegating work tasks to the project managers, but also contribution with creative ideas. We met the deadline for completing the website precisely. At this point, I had already planned the training necessary to operate the site’s CMS system for the Mr.Bricolage staff. I supervised the organisation and running of the course to ensure that the client’s team was fully prepared to start running the website. The end result was awesome. The Mr.Bricolage website offers excellent user experience and customers receive quick servicing while the staff’s productivity is high at all times.

Heading Samsonite Bulgaria’s e-Commerce website development
The global luggage brand had an existing online store for its customers in Bulgaria, but it was outdated and underperforming. They entrusted me and my team with the building of their new e-commerce website based on a detailed digital strategy for the development of the brand’s online retail operations. I worked in close cooperation with the management of Samsonite Bulgaria for devising the strategy which included a detailed business model and a comprehensive online marketing plan. Since the e-commerce platform was going to be in the centre of the brand’s online operations, its development required detailed planning. I worked closely with the project manager in charge for setting a clear time frame with milestones and supervised the planning and scheduling process.

I was involved in the research stage of the project contributing with my know-how and in-depth understanding of the client’s business. We conducted market and business analysis and produced a current state assessment which gave us the main directions for developing Samsonite Bulgaria’s online store. During the conceptual design creation stage, I established day-to-day communication with the client to discuss all features and functionalities of the future e-commerce website. Thanks to the productive coordination, we had everything ready to start building the platform right on schedule. Throughout the e-commerce website development stage, I supervised the work of my team. They built and put together a complete set of shopping functionalities, included a wide range of payment options, developed custom software for the management of the online store and integrated the platform with the company’s inventory management system. As a multitasker, I resolved disputes, helped the team to overcome obstacles and reported on the status of the project to the client following a specific schedule. The multiplatform e-commerce website of Samsonite Bulgaria was completed on time and is now successfully operating in line with the devised digital strategy.

Implementing the mobile strategy of NetInfo, the largest digital media company in Bulgaria, with a diverse set of projects

Building mobile apps for media websites

The company decided to partner with me and my team at Whiz given our previous experience in the field of mobile application development. The goal was to create an individual mobile app for each of their major media websites. We began with Vesti.bg for national and international news, Darik.bg for national and regional news, Gong.bg for sports news, Edna.bg for entertainment news and women’s interests and Sinoptik.bg, which provides up-to-date weather forecast. Each project had to be planned and carried out individually given the unique characteristics and target audience of every website.

Since mobile was a totally new field for the client, I planned the initial meetings to focus on the ways in which the company could exploit the potential of smartphones and tablets for its success and growth. I provided extensive consultation based on business and market data analysis to assist the media’s management with making the best decisions regarding their mobile presence. The strategy that we came up with was to develop native Android and iOS apps for each website. For each project, I planned the work of my team and the communication with the client. One of my major goals was to inspire my designers and developers to think out of the box and come up with the most innovative ideas for presenting the news on mobile and creating a truly engaging user experience. We developed a unique UX design with outstanding functionalities for each application. Working on the projects was more than rewarding for each and every one of us. There were a few challenges along the way, but I managed to deal with them quickly and we met the deadline precisely. My team and I are more than happy with the results that we have achieved – the Vesti.bg, Dariknews.bg, Gong.bg, Edna.bg and Sinoptik mobile apps are all leaders in their categories on Google Play.

Creating the real-time multiplayer trivia game Quiz on sports topics for Gong.bg

As a sports news website, Gong.bg offers up-to-date, diverse and interactive content, but they needed something even more entertaining for engaging users. When I presented my idea for a real-time multiplayer trivia game dedicated to sports to the website’s team, they were thrilled. My job was to deliver the ready software product and I got down to work immediately. The game had to be optimised for mobile so that everyone would be able to play it on Gong.bg regardless of the connected device they were using. I planned and supervised the work of my team and established solid communication with the client. I personally organised multiple brainstorming sessions after the stage of preliminary research and analysis to stimulate the creative process. We came up with a unique way to make the trivia game more dynamic and captivating – the players would get engaged in battled with one another with the one gaining more points winning. My goal was bigger, however. I wanted to make Quiz a powerful marketing tool and for this, we integrated a range of ad options for target marketing available to businesses.

I led my team with great inspiration giving the developers and designers artistic freedom while ensuring that the each of the tasks and stages was completed timely. This approach for the development of the online trivia game paid off. Quiz become more than engaging with its intuitive interface, the opportunity to invite and challenge friends and the fun achievement badges. We launched it successfully and now it works as an effective marketing channel for Gong.bg and the companies that advertise on it.

Leading my team to building the online store of ATG, a major lighting retailer in Bulgaria

The company wanted to establish a competitive position online after having opened retail stores in the three largest cities in Bulgaria and chose Whiz for the development of their e-commerce website. I conducted very fruitful meetings with the client at the initial stage of the project and got to know their business quite well. These factors helped me to create a well-rounded digital strategy with precise objectives and methods for reaching them for the retailer’s operations online. I headed the planning of the project for the multi-platform e-commerce website’s development.

As a perfectionist, I supervised the work of my team closely and gave explanations and directions timely whenever they were needed. There were several obstacles along the way, but I did everything necessary to overcome them. We gave the ATG online store clutter-free and utterly elegant design with card elements and multiple practical features such as product comparison and wish list creation. To maximise sales, we created a function which shows a message when a product is out of stock, but can still be ordered online. Along with developing a custom content management system, our team did a great job with the two-side integration of the company’s inventory program with the online store. I’m really happy that we provided ATG with a truly innovative platform for e-commerce.

Developing “NEWS APPS” – A native app building platform, designed especially for news media

One of my core goals is to help businesses take advantage of innovation and capture the latest trends to become highly competitive. The rise of mobile technology inspired me for the development of a one-of-a-kind online platform enabling news media of all types and sizes to get their own native applications for Android and iOS using an affordable subscription plan. This was my original idea and I naturally became the driving force behind the project. NEWS APPS is a totally new venture for my company and my work covers all aspects of management from leading the writing of the business plan and the marketing plan to managing the mobile app developers and designers so that they can create flawlessly working software with multiple valuable features. I’m constantly communicating with my team to share new ideas.

Using my experience in digital consulting and detailed market research and analysis, I created a sound business model for NEWS APPS, which is designed to target national, local and specialised news media globally. Our team perfected the software to give every future customer a reliable mobile application with high-quality video and graphic content, personalisation features, social integration, analytics, a complete system for marketing and monetisation and, of course, dependable performance. Support provided directly by us is included in each package. I am happy that Whiz is able to give news media native mobile apps tailored to their needs and budget.


Samsonite Bulgaria – E-Commerce Website

Modernising the Online Store of Samsonite Bulgaria with Responsive Design and Integrating New Payment Methods.

We gave the Bulgarian e-commerce website of the world’s biggest luggage brand a complete makeover covering not only the user interface and the shopping functionalities, but also the management system. Now customers enjoy equally good performance on mobile devices and desktop computers including product comparison, creating a wishlist, having an online chat with a sales expert and tracking their orders. We integrated a diverse range of payment options from debit and credit cards to online payment platforms. The online store’s custom management system, which our team created, allows for fast order and enquiry processing and comes with detailed analytics and a data exporting functionality.

Find out how we set the Samsonite Bulgaria e-commerce website on the road to success

Mr.Bricolage Bulgaria – A Website Offering Unique Brand Experience Online

Building a Multi-Platform Website with a Product Catalogue, Support Centre and Custom CMS for the Mr.Bricolage Retail Chain for Home and Garden Products

The goal of this project was to position the brand on the web and maximise its interaction with customers online using a complete digital strategy. For creating the website, we used responsive design and organised the hundreds of thousands of products sold by the chain in a catalogue with categories and subcategories. Customers can take advantage of features such as quick product view, product comparison and personal profile creation. For running the website, we built a custom CMS with multiple functionalities and access levels for the Mr.Bricolage staff. We also provided training for its use.

Take a closer look at our meticulous work and the achieved results

MasterCard and First Investment Bank – Web Software for Stimulating Sales

Creating Software for the SurPrize Incentive of MasterCard and Fibank to Work within the Internal System of the Bank

To stimulate the sales of the new Debit MasterCard PayPass card, the payments company and the bank hired me and my team for the development of a special software program targeting the Fibank staff. The program, which we integrated seamlessly into the internal system of the bank, included a quiz that would help participants in the incentive to learn more about the new financial product and a ranking chart letting everyone see their score based on the number of sales made. To make the experience more entertaining, we gave users the option to choose a funny face as an avatar. We also “hid” the prize using a puzzle that participants could play with to guess what they could win. The admin panel that we created made changing the content, adding prizes and tracking the sales at each of the bank’s branches easy.

Discover how we developed this effectively working software for boosting sales

Piquadro Bulgaria – E-Commerce Website

Building an Elegant Online Store with a Custom Admin Panel and an Email Marketing System for the Italian Luxury Brand in Bulgaria

We created a hip card design and lots of practical features such as product filtering and comparison, an online chat and an intuitive shopping cart. The checkout process is simple and quick. Buyers can choose from four different types of payment methods. The custom admin panel makes order processing and responding to enquiries easy for Piquadro’s staff. They can also add new products and categories quickly and conveniently. The email marketing system has a template and test sending. It works impeccably for targeting customers and building brand loyalty.

Find out how we created this online store which is a paradise for luxury shoppers

Bet365, Bulgaria – Online Fan Education Platform

Our Team Developed the Academy 365 Website for Football Education Based on Video Lectures with Reliable Video Streaming Software

The company wanted to engage football fans by creating a new online education platform with video lectures called Academy 365 and we were chosen to realise the project. In addition to giving the website a highly aesthetic design, we created a reliable system for video streaming with direct conversion of videos from desktop to web format. Users could create their own profile using a photo taken with their web camera, leave comments, participate in online chats and take tests, for which we built a reliable scoring algorithm. The administrator panel worked excellently for managing everything that took place on the website.

Get the details on how we built the perfect hub for online football education

First Investment Bank – Mobile Banking Application

Revamping the Bank’s Mobile App for Android and iOS and Adding New Functionalities to It

Our job was to make all services offered via the app more intuitive and convenient to use. For making the tracking of bank account and credit card transactions and balances easy, we created special colour diagrams. One of our biggest achievements was the optimisation of the process for making payments via the app. Now users have to complete just five quick steps to transfer money from their account. The app also features an interactive map with the branches and ATMs of the bank.

Read the full story of how we created a truly sophisticated mobile banking app

Sinoptik.bg – Mobile Weather Application

My Team and I Developed the Sinoptik Weather App for Android and iOS – Number 1 in Its Category on Google Play for Bulgaria

We built a native mobile app with elegant design and dependable performance for Sinoptik.bg, the leading weather forecast website in Bulgaria, part of Net Info.BG AD. It provides accurate current, 24-hour and 10-day weather forecast for over 80,000 cities around the globe. The app allows the user to create a list of favourite locations and get the weather forecast for them without performing a search. There is also a special section for the ski resorts in Bulgaria providing full details on the weather, snow cover, ski tracks and facilities.

Get the full details on what we did to make the Sinoptik weather app a hit

Gong.bg Quiz – Multiplayer Trivia Game

Creating Quiz, a Real-Time Multiplayer Trivia Game on Sports Topics, for Gong.bg, the Leading Sports News Website in Bulgaria

The website’s management wanted to provide more entertainment opportunities for engaging users and chose our idea for developing a multiplayer trivia game with questions on sports. In Quiz the goal of each participant is to gain as many points as possible by engaging in battles (duels) with other players. Each one-on-one battle involves answering ten questions. To make the game even more engaging, we created original achievement badges, included social network sharing buttons and gave players the opportunity to invite their friends to play. Along with making Quiz fun for users, we integrated a comprehensive set of ad features to turn the game into a profit-generating marketing channel for Gong.bg.

Discover how we created this addictive multiplayer trivia game

Dariknews.bg – Mobile News App

Our Team Developed a Native Mobile App for Dariknews.bg, a Top Website for National and Regional News

As part of our partnership with the Net Info.BG AD media company, we developed the Dariknews.bg app for Android and iOS. It delivers the latest news instantly to the smartphones and tablets of users and offers video content and photo galleries. Notable features include voice search and personalised content based on the user’s location. The news app comes with push notifications, performance analytics and an integrated ad system.

Find out how we brought news even closer to smartphone and tablet users

Edna.bg – Entertainment News Mobile App

Building a Mobile App for Edna.bg, a Popular Website for Showbiz News and Women’s Interests

Our goal was to make the native mobile app for iOS and Android even more exciting than the website. For this, we built it to provide graphic and video content of exceptional quality from galleries with the latest fashion trends to videos for preparing delicious recipes. Users can also check their horoscope and use interactive features like drawing a Tarot card of the day. We integrated Google Tag Manager for reliable analytics and the SmartAdServer platform for monetisation.

Learn the details of the app’s creation to find out why women love it

Vesti.bg – News App for Smartphones and Tablets

Development of the Mobile Application of Vesti.bg, the Biggest and Most Popular News Website in Bulgaria

With the building of the native Vesti.bg app for Android and iOS, we opened a new and unique channel for communication and marketing for the media company. Users enjoy a beautiful interface with intuitive navigation and high-quality written, video and graphic content with one-button access to related articles and options for social sharing. By giving the app push notifications and a functionality for user localisation, we helped for increasing the level of engagement even more. The system for banner ads gives the application a reliable revenue source.

Learn how we developed this news app to be the favourite of numerous mobile users

First Investment Bank – Digital Card Payment Functionality for Android Application

Developing an NFC-Based Functionality Enabling Payments with a Digital Card for the Android Mobile App of the Bank

The management of First Investment Bank, the largest bank with Bulgarian capital in the country, partnered with us for giving their customers the opportunity to make contactless payments via their smartphones. We built an Android mobile app functionality for creating, managing and paying with digital cards linked to the user’s bank accounts. The payment process is based on NFC technology and involves solely bringing the smartphone close to the POS terminal and confirming the transaction with the touch of a button. Users can make up to 10 contactless payments in offline mode.

Discover how we introduced contactless payments via smartphone in Bulgaria

Katarzyna – Company Website

Creating an Exquisite Website for Katarzyna Presenting the Winery and Its Products in a Captivating Way

As an internationally renowned brand, Katarzyna needed a fascinating website and our team built it to impress. We created sections for the company’s estate, wines, club and latest news with large and beautiful images. Our designers set a luxurious background and picked special fonts and colours for giving users a truly unique and mesmerising experience.

Read more about what we did to make this website grab the hearts of visitors.

Gong.bg – Sports News Mobile App

Developing a Mobile Application with Video Content for Gong.bg, the Leading Sports News Website in Bulgaria – The App’s Now the Most Favourite of Fans

The website needed the native mobile app for iOS and Android to offer a multitude of exciting features for sports fans from following games and other events in real time to watching videos with interviews. We also added voice search, social sharing and a special button showing related content to make user experience truly exceptional. The app has integrated analytics and push notifications for achieving ever higher user engagement and a system for delivering ad banners – the perfect tool for monetisation.

Learn about the work put into this app development project and the fabulous result.

ATG – Modern E-Commerce Website for Lighting Products

Building a Multi-platform Online Store for ATG, a Leading Lighting Retailer in Bulgaria

The company wanted to take advantage of the rise of online shopping and chose me and my team at Whiz for the development of their e-commerce website. The first step of the project involved creating a complete digital strategy with focus on marketing to help ATG position itself competitively on the web. With responsive design, the online store is a great place for shopping online on any connected device. We made product comparison super intuitive. Shoppers can chat online with a sales assistant to get expert advice. There are notifications informing the customer that it is possible to place an order for a product even if it is currently out of stock. We created a custom management system, which makes adding and changing products and categories easy. With it, it is very quick for the ATG staff to process orders. We also integrated the e-commerce platform with the inventory management software of the company, allowing changes to be made and viewed on both ends.

Get more details on how we built this modern e-commerce platform.

I look forward to using my know-how, professional insight and creative flair for the realisation of new exciting web, e-commerce, mobile app and software development projects. If you have an idea and are searching for an experienced digital consultant, contact me.