How can e-commerce be a personal interest to anyone? I love my work as a digital consultant and nothing related to it can ever make me bored or tired. Quite the opposite, I am eager to learn more. E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and there is always an important question requiring a solution or something daring and innovative worth the attention of everyone involved in this business. It is my firm belief that if you want to be successful, you have to be an innovator.

I love studying in depth all aspects of this unique kind of business from e-commerce website features to conversion funnels, marketing approaches and online store management. I always follow the news in the field and read expert analysis and case studies. Attending conferences devoted to e-commerce allows me to get valuable insight from top experts. I’m also analysing projects completed successfully by my team and those of competitors. It’s natural for me to pay attention to details such as the position, colour and size of each CTA button and how these factors affect its performance and the level of conversion overall. Still, my focus is always on the big picture – development and marketing strategies for reaching the target level of sales and tools for achieving high productivity in all operations related to the online store’s management.

Exploring new e-commerce technologies and trends and analysing the implementation of existing ones help me immensely – knowledge is power and this is what really drives me forward in everything that I do. When a company’s management turns to me for consultation, I’m always well prepared to present innovative ideas and different alternatives for their future online store and to provide competent advice. My goal is to provide a comprehensive solution together with my team – a unique e-commerce website offering great shopping experience and stimulating conversion with a custom management system covering everything from making changes to the product categories to processing orders and enquiries.

I love keeping up with the pace of the e-commerce industry. This is more than inspirational and motivational to me. When I learn something new, I modify it through my own creative prism to turn it into an effective solution for my clients. It’s a lot like mining for raw diamonds and turning them into exquisite gems. You would agree that this is truly rewarding for everyone involved.

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