Social Networks

How many of the people that you know are on Facebook? Perhaps somewhere around 99%? For every person including me, this is a great channel for communication and the situation is no different for brands. That is why I don’t simply use the social network to keep up with friends, check the latest news or mark my interest in events. I study it and explore the opportunities for target audience engagement and building brand loyalty.

My interest naturally goes beyond Facebook and covers Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn plus shooting stars like Vine. The reason for this is that the social media market naturally becomes more segmented as the industry grows and develops. This means that there is one or a set of social networks which could be more productive for the marketing of a particular brand compared to others. My goal is to identify which ones will work best for the different types of businesses. This is invaluable for me in my work as a digital consultant, especially when it comes to positioning a new brand online or devising a new marketing plan for a company aiming to gain more customers via the web.

I’m constantly keeping up with all the latest from the social networks with my focus being on marketing opportunities and tools, advertising programs and individual methods and usage and audience statistics. I study all features, which could be used by businesses for targeting their audience, and how people interact with them to evaluate their effectiveness. This gives me the insight which I need to give the websites, online stores and mobiles apps that my team and I create for companies the most beneficial social network integration.

How major global brands use the social networks to engage prospect and existing customers is another aspect which is of great interest to me. I keep a close eye on different types of social media marketing campaigns and especially on the ones involving gamification as my team at Whiz and I are exploiting this technique extensively too. It is great to see the realization of a unique idea and how it affects people positively and helps the brand to achieve its goals.

Social networks rule the scene and as a person who always wants to stay ahead of the trends, I follow their development, explore their features and seize the opportunities which they offer to assist my business clients with achieving their marketing objectives.

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