One of my favourite things about this sport is that the competition is always fierce no matter if I’m playing with a friend or with an opponent that I have just met. This has always motivated me to work even harder for achieving my goal. In squash, I combine strength with skill and this is more than exciting. When I hit the right balance, I get even greater energy and zeal to play. It’s pretty much the same in my work. When I know that I am on the right track with a solid digital strategy for bringing the project to success, nothing can stop me.

In squash, I’m constantly alert and always ready to hit the ball. The game is incredibly dynamic and this makes me enjoy it even more. The fast pace has helped me to sharpen my senses and to react instantly to the important things that happen around. It has also taught me to think more quickly in a stressful situation. I take into account all relevant factors and rely on my gut instinct to do the right thing…and it works.

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