My Hobbies and Interests


I love exploring everything around and learning new things within my professional field and out of it. Every trip that I make teaches me something new and important no matter whether it is for business or pleasure. I attend professional conferences around the globe to get insight into the latest innovations and to exchange ideas with other professionals in the digital industry. As a tourist, I like visiting historic sites, marvelling at the wonders of nature and sampling the local specialities, but I prefer to focus on blending with the crowd and chatting to the locals. Bonding with people and understanding their culture and way of life inspires me to develop websites and mobile applications that deliver unique experience and true value to the user.

As a traveller at heart, I am always ready to start a new journey with a client that will lead us to success together. I will make sure that there is always wind in our sails. Rely on me to spot any storm clouds on the horizon timely and to make them go away. I am a trustworthy guide into the digital world.


Running is a great way for me to start the day in good mood as well as in good physical shape. It helps me to relax and to clear my mind so that I can be highly creative and perfectly concentrated when I go to work. I firmly believe that a strong body makes the mind strong.

After my morning running session, I am always fresh when I go to the office and start with my tasks for the day. I am able to focus perfectly on everything that I do from meeting new clients to working on the development of a mobile application. I stay fresh, alert and full of energy throughout the day no matter how long it may be. This is of immense importance in intense situations when I have to resolve a complex problem or a creative dispute which has occurred during the work process. I am calm and perfectly able to come up with the most effective solution.

With running, I am an even better version of myself every day.


There is nothing more thrilling for me than looking at an awe-inspiring mountain peak. When you want to go high up and reach the very top, you have to plan every step carefully. I never go up the mountain or start working on a project without a precise strategy at hand. I do everything to predict the potential obstacles and develop tactics for overcoming them. This is what keeps me calm and confident at all times. There is no room for errors in an environment which changes by the minute.

In mountaineering, teamwork is as important as the use of the right equipment. I am proud to be part of a team that I can trust fully both in my hobby and in my business. I am surrounded by skilled and friendly people who share the same values as me and work hard to reach the set target. We support each other devotedly along the way and this is what makes us victorious in the end.


I love the time early in the morning when I prepare my gear and hop on my bike to explore an unknown route. I’m excited and confident about overcoming the challenges ahead. This is comparable to what I feel when starting to work on a new web or mobile app development project. I am always eager to go further and achieve something even greater.

While I’m cycling and feeling the wind in my face, I feel capable of doing practically anything. This inner strength gets even bigger when paddling becomes more and more difficult. I like pushing myself over my limit to explore what I am capable of. This has brought me great satisfaction while biking and remarkable success in my professional work.

There is nothing more rewarding than reaching your ultimate goal on the road, in the mountain and at the office. The feeling is absolutely incomparable, but short-lasting at the same time. I’m always looking forward to the next big adventure and this is what keeps me going.


One of my favourite things about this sport is that the competition is always fierce no matter if I’m playing with a friend or with an opponent that I have just met. This has always motivated me to work even harder for achieving my goal. In squash, I combine strength with skill and this is more than exciting. When I hit the right balance, I get even greater energy and zeal to play. It’s pretty much the same in my work. When I know that I am on the right track with a solid digital strategy for bringing the project to success, nothing can stop me.

In squash, I’m constantly alert and always ready to hit the ball. The game is incredibly dynamic and this makes me enjoy it even more. The fast pace has helped me to sharpen my senses and to react instantly to the important things that happen around. It has also taught me to think more quickly in a stressful situation. I take into account all relevant factors and rely on my gut instinct to do the right thing…and it works.

New Technologies

Apple has released their most innovative smartwatch or the latest version of Android has just been announced. I’m always among the first to read the news and to share it with my friends on Facebook and other social media. I am genuinely interested in everything related to web and mobile app development, e-commerce, the Internet of Things and tech company and team management. With modern technology advancing at the speed of light, I cannot afford to stay behind as I’m always eager to make the latest and greatest inventions work for the businesses that choose me as their digital consultant.

I love reading articles and watching videos about new technologies. This is both exciting and inspiring for me. Often, I come up with a new idea seconds after I’ve discovered something innovative that could be used by my clients for things like higher target audience engagement, product promotion and increasing employee productivity.

While the news websites and other channels deliver the most important information about the latest technologies, I’m always eager to dig deeper. That is why I attend a large number of professional tech conferences. There I get to the core of new technologies. At conferences, I learn about the features and business potential of the most innovative gadgets and software in detail. The analysis of trends is particularly valuable to me as it shows not only the current state of technology, but where it is heading. This is essential when it comes to developing a successful digital strategy for a company.

One of the things which I love the most is viewing one particular piece of technology from many different angles. How will people actually interact with this new thing? Will they receive sufficient satisfaction to keep using it? Does it have long-term potential? Finding the answers to these questions helps me to evaluate and seize new opportunities and to offer ever more advanced and innovative solutions to my clients together with my team including websites, online stores, mobile apps and software. It is more than fulfilling to know that that the user will enjoy a wonderful new experience and that the owner will have a valuable asset designed to bring stable returns in the longer term.


As one of the most dynamic technological fields, mobile never lets you relax and go with the flow. There is always something new and truly impressive coming up, whether it is the latest smartphone developed by Apple or Samsung, new Android and iOS guidelines being introduced or a new app getting millions of downloads literally overnight. I’m always there to catch the latest news to keep up to date with the current trends. Of course, as a mobile app development consultant and the leader of a team creating native applications for iOS and Android, I cannot just scratch the surface. I always dig deeper by analysing the latest innovations (smartphone and tablet features, app functionalities and design, personalisation) from the perspective of an expert who is looking to get them to work for his business clients.

When I’m researching a new mobile app or functionality, I put myself into the shoes of users and analyse how they interact with it. My focus is on determining the ease of use, the value that people derive and their level of satisfaction. I have to admit that I usually have a lot of fun, especially with the apps related to my other interests like e-commerce, social networks, travelling and running and to my background in finance and banking. I take notes of my analysis and discuss everything with the app developers and designers on my team. We put down all ideas that come to mind and then implement the best ones in our work.

When it comes to mobile devices, I always study their most innovative features to come up with ways to harness them in the apps that my team and I create. After all, our core goal is to deliver native applications which offer the best user experience. I can spend lots of time playing with new smartphone and tablet features. The more I explore them the more opportunities for exploiting them I find. The satisfaction comes from the whole experience as well as from the results that my team and I deliver to the client at the end of the day.

At tech conferences devoted to mobile, I discover the analysis of mobile device features, app functionalities and trends carried out by other people in the industry, especially developers and designers. It’s always great to see things from a different perspective. For me, conferences are also a fantastic source of inspiration.


How can e-commerce be a personal interest to anyone? I love my work as a digital consultant and nothing related to it can ever make me bored or tired. Quite the opposite, I am eager to learn more. E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and there is always an important question requiring a solution or something daring and innovative worth the attention of everyone involved in this business. It is my firm belief that if you want to be successful, you have to be an innovator.

I love studying in depth all aspects of this unique kind of business from e-commerce website features to conversion funnels, marketing approaches and online store management. I always follow the news in the field and read expert analysis and case studies. Attending conferences devoted to e-commerce allows me to get valuable insight from top experts. I’m also analysing projects completed successfully by my team and those of competitors. It’s natural for me to pay attention to details such as the position, colour and size of each CTA button and how these factors affect its performance and the level of conversion overall. Still, my focus is always on the big picture – development and marketing strategies for reaching the target level of sales and tools for achieving high productivity in all operations related to the online store’s management.

Exploring new e-commerce technologies and trends and analysing the implementation of existing ones help me immensely – knowledge is power and this is what really drives me forward in everything that I do. When a company’s management turns to me for consultation, I’m always well prepared to present innovative ideas and different alternatives for their future online store and to provide competent advice. My goal is to provide a comprehensive solution together with my team – a unique e-commerce website offering great shopping experience and stimulating conversion with a custom management system covering everything from making changes to the product categories to processing orders and enquiries.

I love keeping up with the pace of the e-commerce industry. This is more than inspirational and motivational to me. When I learn something new, I modify it through my own creative prism to turn it into an effective solution for my clients. It’s a lot like mining for raw diamonds and turning them into exquisite gems. You would agree that this is truly rewarding for everyone involved.

Social Networks

How many of the people that you know are on Facebook? Perhaps somewhere around 99%? For every person including me, this is a great channel for communication and the situation is no different for brands. That is why I don’t simply use the social network to keep up with friends, check the latest news or mark my interest in events. I study it and explore the opportunities for target audience engagement and building brand loyalty.

My interest naturally goes beyond Facebook and covers Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn plus shooting stars like Vine. The reason for this is that the social media market naturally becomes more segmented as the industry grows and develops. This means that there is one or a set of social networks which could be more productive for the marketing of a particular brand compared to others. My goal is to identify which ones will work best for the different types of businesses. This is invaluable for me in my work as a digital consultant, especially when it comes to positioning a new brand online or devising a new marketing plan for a company aiming to gain more customers via the web.

I’m constantly keeping up with all the latest from the social networks with my focus being on marketing opportunities and tools, advertising programs and individual methods and usage and audience statistics. I study all features, which could be used by businesses for targeting their audience, and how people interact with them to evaluate their effectiveness. This gives me the insight which I need to give the websites, online stores and mobiles apps that my team and I create for companies the most beneficial social network integration.

How major global brands use the social networks to engage prospect and existing customers is another aspect which is of great interest to me. I keep a close eye on different types of social media marketing campaigns and especially on the ones involving gamification as my team at Whiz and I are exploiting this technique extensively too. It is great to see the realization of a unique idea and how it affects people positively and helps the brand to achieve its goals.

Social networks rule the scene and as a person who always wants to stay ahead of the trends, I follow their development, explore their features and seize the opportunities which they offer to assist my business clients with achieving their marketing objectives.