My Story

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1987 and still live in this wonderful city, a fantastic place to grow up and to do business.

Thanks to my mum who is a nuclear physicist and my dad who is an engineer and programmer, I started interacting with technology at an early age and this has remained my passion to this day. I programmed my first website at the age of 13 when I was studying at the National Trade and Banking High School in Sofia.

Then at 15, I developed the website that my class presented at the annual banking fair and it won first place. I knew where I belonged professionally.

While I was studying towards a degree in European Studies at Sofia University, I landed my first job as a senior sales associate at the Bulgarian branch of an American hosting company “SiteGround”. This helped me gain valuable know-how, but my dream was to have my own web development business and I realised it.

I founded my company, Whiz, in 2007. Gathering a small team of like-minded programmers and designers took me a while, but the thorough search paid off. The four of us were eager to put our skills into work.

Being the founder of a start-up was both exciting and challenging. My strategy was to begin on a small scale locally and grow the business gradually. Initially, we offered website development services only. As we gained more practical experience and started making more complex platforms, we expanded our service range to include e-Commerce development. Facebook was becoming a major platform for marketing and we began creating Facebook apps for brands to exploit the huge market potential. We added mobile app development to our offerings in 2009. Initially, our services covered iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian, but soon I noticed the potential of Android and seized the opportunity immediately. Whiz was among the first to offer native Android app development services in Bulgaria. Eventually, we began building applications solely for the two leading mobile platforms – iOS and Android. Оur main focus now is on the latter as we are entering the niche of mobile app development for wearables, TVs and vehicles in addition to smartphones and tablets. My goal is for Whiz to be competitive in the field of IoT and AI.

I’m proud of the fact that my company is expanding in other niches in addition to mobile. Just seven years after founding Whiz, we had the required know-how to reach “the next level” and started to develop custom software solutions designed to help businesses optimise their work processes and offer ever more sophisticated digital services to their customers. Our team also devises complete digital strategies for our clients. This involves gaining deep understanding of the business, creating a tailor-made digital business model for it and setting up a detailed online marketing plan.

By 2014, we had the required know-how to reach “the next level” and started to develop custom software solutions for managing websites, online stores and mobile applications and complete digital strategies for our clients.

As Whiz was growing and solidifying its market position, my responsibilities were constantly increasing along the way. Managing a larger number of people involved more than making plans and schedules. I created a fruitful working environment, stimulated team play and nurtured talent. Delegating tasks was a bit of a challenge for me at first, but I found the formula for doing it right pretty quickly. I rely on a personal approach towards my team members and encourage their involvement in the delegation process.

Working with clients, which is the main aspect of my work, turned out to be really “my thing”.

I’m always eager to help people envision what they can achieve for their business thanks to modern technology. This is what makes me a successful digital consultant in addition to the expertise and experience which I have built over the years.

My main goal has always been to help companies with establishing their online presence and becoming more competitive.

I have more than 400 projects that I have completed together with my team.