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Combining Web, Mobile and Software Expertise with Management Skills for Exceptional Results

Achieve business success with an effective digital strategy based on detailed research and analysis, clearly defined objectives and a precise action plan. As your trusted digital consultant, I will assist you with everything needed for gaining a solid position online and retaining it in the future.

My job is to establish a smooth and productive working relationship between you, the business customer, and the professionals responsible for the development of your website, e-commerce platform, mobile application and/or custom software. What makes me special is that I am also the manager of a team of experienced and creative designers and developers at my company, Whiz. This means that I will be with you all the way from the planning stage to the launch of the ready digital solution and beyond. I will not only consult you and create a comprehensive digital strategy, but actually be in charge of the development project and ensure that it is executed impeccably and produces an outstanding business asset.

Our team is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is becoming an important digital industry hub in Europe.

We are working successfully with businesses from around the world to give them custom digital solutions of exceptionally high quality at competitive prices.

When you outsource your web, e-commerce, software and mobile app development projects to our company, you can expect integrity, excellent communication, cost optimisation, meticulous work and remarkable results.

Web Development

Unique responsive design and great functionality will deliver a fantastic user experience turning the visitors to your website into customers. Stand out among the competition, be easily accessible from all connected devices and achieve sustainable growth.

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E-Commerce Development

Sell products online while delivering the best experience to customers via a competitive e-commerce website offering a wide selection of payment options. Manage your online store with a tailor-made system featuring detailed analytics and make it a strategic unit for your business with full ERP integration.

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Software Development

Boost marketing efficiency, deliver better customer service and increase staff productivity with bespoke software, tailor-made to match the needs and requirements of your business. Optimise work processes across all of your operations with a custom system accessible and usable via all connected devices.

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Mobile App Development

Build a lasting relationship with your customers via a native mobile application for iOS and Android devices developed by my team. Use a tablet and smartphone app with stylish modern design, convenient touch interface and fast loading speed to keep up with the latest trends and to stay ahead of competitors.

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