E-commerce Development

The advantages of having an online store where to sell your products are numerous – low fixed costs, access to a larger market, diverse and cost-efficient marketing options and scalability. But how come some e-commerce businesses are highly successful while others don’t perform as expected? It is all about the way in which you run your business. My name is Philip Philipov and my job as an e-commerce website development consultant is to assist you with establishing the perfect platform for selling online and growing it in the longer term. My team at Whiz is made up of talented web designers and programmers who know the knits and bolts of the trade and can deliver exceptional results. Count on us to get you where you want to be and beyond.

Know-How and Experience

As the CEO of Whiz, I have personally managed e-commerce website development projects for leading global brands and have led them to success. I am dedicated, hard-working and always ready to produce an effective solution to an issue which has occurred all of a sudden. I lead a team of professionals who possess advanced technical skills and combine them with creativity to deliver exceptional results for you. At Whiz, we have over nine years of experience in the industry and use only advanced technologies to develop profitable e-commerce platforms with strong growth potential.
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Established Work Process

Each and every online store that we build is fully custom to meet the needs and requirements of our client precisely. This has defined the way in which we work:

  • Strategy Development – We gain full understanding of your business and its offerings first to draw a precise plan for action. My team and I will work with you to set goals and choose the best one of the different approaches for meeting them. This is how a complete digital strategy for your e-commerce business is born.
  • Market Research and Analysis – This is fundamental for positioning your business strategically in the ever more competitive online environment. We will research your market, competitors and target audience in detail and use the analysed data to come up with the most effective solutions for your online store.
  • Conceptual Design Creation – At this point, we transfer our ideas onto mind maps, web page sketches and wireframes. The wireframes are prototypes which show not only how the content will look, but how users will actually interact with it. This is a stage with a lot of testing and discussions between us and you, the client. This is how we establish the ideal structural foundation together.
  • Design and Development – We build the entire e-commerce platform for you from scratch. Our designers give a unique appeal to your online store while our web developers do the programming to give you top performance and security at all times. In addition to all functionalities for convenient online shopping, your online store will have a dependable management system.
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Driving Your E-Commerce Business Forward

Let me describe what kind of online store my team and I can create for you.

Responsive Web Design
Your customers will be able to view your products, use your online services and make purchases via any connected device in the most convenient and fulfilling way. With the responsive design that we create, the user interface and the entire user experience adapt to the device which the visitor of your e-commerce website uses, be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or a phablet. Why is this so important? Since users are highly likely to use more than one device for shopping before making a final purchase, responsive design automatically increases the chances of a successful sale.

Well-Organised Product Catalogue
Order is key, especially if you have a wide product range, and we know how to create a catalogue in which everything is quick to find. Count on us to establish categories and subcategories which are easy to recognise at the preparatory stage of the e-commerce website development process. Each and every product will have its own page where its features, specs, price, availability and all other attributes will be clearly presented. Our designers will integrate rich graphic and video material and attractive CTA buttons to boost the likelihood of the customer making a purchase even higher.

Outstanding Shopping Experience for Your Customers
A large set of filter options, quick product view and related product suggestions are just some of the features that we can give you to help you sell more. You can also have customers shopping and making purchases with or without a user profile. Product comparison and wish list creation are also among the main functionalities that work effectively for turning visitors into paying customers. We make the shopping cart convenient and simple to use and the checkout process quick and easy to go through. Count on us to help you deliver exceptional customer service through functionalities such as online chat and order delivery tracking.

Diverse and Reliable Payment Options
You should not worry about a prospect giving up on a purchase just because she cannot find a convenient way to pay. We will integrate all payment options which your customers would like to use and which your business requires into your e-commerce website. These range from a virtual POS terminal for credit card payment to global and local online payment systems, payments via ATM, bank account transfers, cash on delivery and more.

Custom Management System with Analytics
We make running your online store productive and cost-efficient by developing a tailor-made management system. From adding and removing single products, subcategories and categories to processing orders and enquiries, everything is done conveniently via a single dashboard. You can also create and run marketing campaigns directly on your e-commerce website. Statistical data about the user activity on the website is generated and analysed for you automatically. You just need to go over the charts and diagrams to get a precise idea of how your business is performing. Depending on the size of your company, we can set different access levels to the management system and assign actions to each employee account individually.

Full Integration with Your ERP Software
The core goal of me and my team is to make your e-commerce website a strategic business unit which can operate effectively on its own while being an inseparable part of your company. For this, we can integrate the platform with your enterprise resource planning software fully. This will make inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources management even more efficient helping you to optimise costs and earn greater returns.

Growing Bigger and Ever Better
Your e-commerce website is up and running and making money for you. Now what? We will provide ongoing maintenance which includes fast problem resolution whenever the need arises. You will be able to get in touch with us via phone, email and online chat at any time.

We will build your e-commerce website to be a productive platform now and in the future. For this, our focus after its launch will be on long-term development. This includes optimisation and the addition of new features and functionalities for increasing customer satisfaction and the efficiency of all business processes. Keeping up instead of catching up with the trends will give you the competitive edge that you need to stay on the winning side. Constant improvement is the way to keep customers and grow.

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