Software Development

You want to achieve higher productivity and to optimise costs, but can generic business software do this job well for you now and in the longer term?

You can now have a custom solution that requires absolutely no compromises and can grow and develop along with your company. As a software development consultant, I have been helping businesses from various industries to get bespoke web-based software for more than ten years.

I will guide you throughout the entire process and assist you with making the right decisions for your company.

On my team at Whiz, there are expert software engineers who will develop an application that matches your needs and requirements precisely.

Why Work with Me

Business Knowledge
I have worked with leading financial institutions, international service businesses and large retail chains for the development of their business software. Besides, I am a manager myself and know how modern companies operate in the fast-paced digital age. I will use my know-how to gain insight of your business and assist you with receiving the best tailor-made solution for optimising work processes and keeping costs down.

Practical Experience
When you work with me, you will not simply have an advisor who sits on the sidelines and gives his opinion whenever asked. I am the product guy who has gained lots of experience in the field and will be actively involved in the entire software development process – from the preparatory stage when I will consult you about every detail of the project to the programming stage when I will lead my team to achieving the best end result within the set timeframe.

Forward-Looking Professional
My ability to combine my know-how gained over the years with innovative ideas and approaches and the latest technologies has been in the core of my successful work with major local and global companies. Your business is unique and you can rely on me to provide a solution tailored precisely to its operations, corporate culture, size and other major characteristics.

If you have specific questions and would like to receive personal consultation regarding bespoke software development for your company, contact me.

How You Receive an Outstanding Custom Solution
When you have a digital business platform such as a website, an online store or a mobile application, you have to use analytics, manage customer relationships and employees, organise documents, run email newsletter and much more. Let’s put everything together. My team and I will develop a centralised management system for optimising and interlinking work processes, automating tasks and creating databases easily and quickly. Our goal-orientated approach has been proven to be efficient and to deliver exceptional results.

A Head Start
Where is your business heading? What problems are there to solve? What is needed to achieve growth? During the initial stage, I will help you to answer these questions and to define clear objectives for the software development project. To provide expert consultation, I will study your brand and operations in detail. Once we know exactly what has to be accomplished, I will draw the plan for getting there and allocate the tasks to my team members. The work on the software can begin.

Bespoke Software Development
Centralisation is one of the main objectives that my team and I achieve through building software. You will be able to run all of your digital business processes via a single platform. This eliminates the slowdowns and losses associated with transferring and syncing data. Everything that you need to do is in one place and the data is accessible with the pressing of a button.

Since, we will create a completely custom solution for you, you decide what tools to include in it. An advanced CMS makes website content optimisation and updating a quicker task. With a bespoke CRM, you will be able to process requests, enquiries and feedback more effectively and achieve higher customer satisfaction. You can have detailed and reliable customer database and a full set of features for accurate target marketing. The integration of analytics allows you to keep track of your performance and to make adjustments and improvements timely. Process automation gives you greater time-efficiency and cost-efficiency.

When you work with me and my team, you will get multi-platform web-based software accessible at any time via any connected device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. All functionalities will work perfectly regardless of the screen type and size. Our software engineers will give the software the highest level of protection for keeping your data and operations secure.

As a digital consultant, my aim is to help your business receive a complete software solution and this includes customising not only the features, but its use as well. Depending on the number of employees and departments that you have, my team and I can create different access levels to the system and unique settings for each account based on the role of the staff member who will use it.

Full Professional Servicing

My team and I will assist you with the implementation of the bespoke software at your company by providing training to the staff members who will use it. You can rely on us to provide ongoing maintenance and support. You can reach us for assistance at any time. If you expand your business to include new operations, we can build on the existing platform to accommodate them.

Our software solution is comprehensive and designed for long-term use. Increase your productive efficiency and save time and effort by systemising and centralising all of your work. Everything is at your fingertips. Collect website data, transfer it to the CRM module and then use it for email marketing. It is that simple. You have access to your work around the clock. You can do any job at any time and on any connected device.

If your goal is to achieve higher productive efficiency with software tailored to the needs of your business, letโ€™s discuss it.