Web Development

The website is more than just the “shop window” of your company online, but a place where prospect customers get to meet you and interact with you. That is why it has to be tailor-made to match your marketing objectives and general business goals.

Let me, Philip Philipov, and my team at Whiz, create the perfect place for attracting consumers and achieving high conversion.

Our goal is to build a solid, result-orientated and sustainable multi-platform website based on a complete digital strategy for your business. Our formula for success is based on advanced technical skills, expert knowledge and passion for innovation.

The new online platform will have three strong pillars:

  • Responsive Web Design
    Users enjoy the same kind of experience on all devices from PCs and laptops to smartphones, tablets and phablets. The content is perfectly organised regardless of the screen size. Interaction with it is equally convenient no matter whether the visitor uses a traditional mouse or a touchscreen.
  • Unique Appeal
    Your website reveals the identity of your company and just like it, it is one of a kind. From the colours and the position of the CTA buttons to the navigation, everything is especially created to take users on a pleasant and fulfilling journey towards the action which you want them to take.
  • Reliable Management
    A custom CMS, especially developed for your website, gives you complete control over the content at all times. Making changes is easy and quick. Your site will always be up to date and engage customers fully.

Step-by-Step Process for Website Development Guaranteeing Top Results

It is easy to use a ready template and just add content to it, but will a website like this really make you stand out, help you attract customers and build strong long-term relationships with them? As a web development consultant, I have always taken an individual approach towards every business and it is my firm belief that this is where success lies. Just like your company, your website will have a unique competitive advantage which allows it to produce effective and reliable results over time. For achieving this, my team and I will take the following steps.

Clearly Set Goals and a Precise Plan for Action
The digital strategy, which we will create for you, will be in the core of the web development project. Our work at this preliminary stage is to study your business in detail. Based on this, we define the precise digital goals for your company. We will sit down with you and discuss the alternative approaches towards establishing and/or solidifying your presence on the web and pick the best one. Once we have a clear idea of where we are heading, our job is to create a plan and a schedule for implementing it. At this point, the manager assigned to your project will allocate all responsibilities and tasks and the work will begin without delay.

Knowing Your Brand and Its Target Market
Research and analysis will enable us to build a website which is especially designed with your company’s identity and your customers’ needs, wants and expectations in mind. My team and I will study the specifics of your brand and market and the characteristics of your target audience in detail. This will give us a clear idea of how to capture and keep the interest of your customers and make them take the required action, remember you and come back for more. We will use the data to develop a website which is not only attractive and easy to use, but which also works as an effective tool for marketing, conversion and communication and brings maximum return on investment.

Building a Website on a Strong Foundation
Concept development comes next. Armed with the required analysis and our creativity and technical know-how, we build the foundations of your future website. This is done with the aid of conceptual design which is comparable to the blueprint of a house. With the use of mind maps, we define the logical flow of the website and the different functionalities that it will have. For each page of the website, there is a sketch determining the precise position of every element and its size, shape and content.

Wireframes are navigable prototypes that we use to put the entire concept together. They present the structure of the webpages and the way in which users will interact with the content. At this stage of the web development process, we run tests and discuss the prototypes with you, our client. This enables us to master everything to perfection. This is how we create unique user experience reflecting the objectives of the brand and its customers. Now the building of the website can begin.

Exceptional User Experience for High Conversion
We will develop a website that has distinct identity and enables users to connect with your brand. Each and every element is meticulously designed to be aesthetically appealing and serve a practical purpose. Our designers rely on creative ideas and craft every detail to perfection. This is how visitors are immediately captivated when they land on your website and highly likely to take action. Navigation is completely intuitive. Every piece of information is easy and quick to find. Taking action, whether it is filling out a form or reaching you directly, is also a simple process which does not require a lot of time and effort. In addition to providing a truly special user experience, the website will work flawlessly and have a high level of security. Our programmers will write an impeccable code which guarantees fast page loading and complete protection.

Time-Efficient and Productive Management
How can we ensure that your website will be a productive and dependable marketing instrument which is effectively controlled by your company? For this, we give you a bespoke content management system, which is fully comprehensive. Uploading and editing written, graphic and video content will be a breeze. You will have full flexibility when it comes to adding and removing categories and subcategories. You can also run various marketing campaigns via your website. Since the CMS will be custom-made, we can programme any management functionality that you require for it and integrate it seamlessly. The sky is the limit. You will be able to run the content management system without using any special technical skills and knowledge. Keep up to date with the latest trends and retain the interest of customers without blood, sweat and tears.

Going Forward and Aiming Higher
At this point, you will have a website that does the job of attracting and converting visitors excellently. What’s next? We are always at your service. We provide full maintenance to the website to ensure that it runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our specialists are quick to act in case of a problem. You can expect an effective resolution in the shortest possible time. You can count on us to provide professional support whenever the need arises. You are welcome to contact us via phone, email or online chat. We will respond swiftly and help you to overcome the challenge ahead perfectly.

What does the future hold for your website?

I can confidently answer: the best.

My team at Whiz and I will be actively engaged in the long-term development of your website. Count on us not only to contribute with innovative ideas, but to provide constant optimisation and add new functionalities for keeping it up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing and with the changes in consumers’ preferences and perceptions.

Our major objective is to turn your website into a sustainable platform for visitor conversion and building bonds with customers.

Do you plan getting a modern and functional website which will bring your business major benefits now and in the future? Let’s discuss it.