Hello everyone!

My name is Philip from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I am a digital consultant, I love travelling and meeting new people.

Tailoring new technology to work for businesses is what I have been doing since 2004.

My goal is to get deep understanding of the client’s company and needs, build a strong working relationship with them and come up with the best solution.

Combining Passion for Innovation and Expertise for Achieving Great Things

As a web and mobile consultant and a manager with 2 decades of experience, I have contributed to the strategic success and growth of companies in various industries including retail, finance and banking, communications and media.

At one of my companies, Whiz, I have built a strong team of talented designers, web and mobile app developers, software engineers, content strategists, copywriters, project managers and marketeers who work together to produce bespoke websites, mobile applications and software.

What I Do

My job is to manage the creation and implementation of solutions for digital business operations based on a strategy developed specifically for the client.

To provide professional consulting services, I rely on my extensive experience as a manager in the business world, and more specifically, in the field of web, e-commerce, mobile app and software development. When the client shares an idea, I provide honest professional advice and develop and execute a complete digital strategy together with my dedicated team. By combining essential business insights and creative talent, we make digital technology work productively for modern companies.

I am the intermediary between the clients with their business needs and the designers and developers with their technical skills. It is my job to ensure that there is coherence and that the work goes smoothly for producing the ideal outcome.

My Approach

Good communication is in the core of my work with clients and with my team. I have an individual approach to every business customer to understand their precise needs and requirements in depth. As an entrepreneur myself, I find it easy to connect with clients and to collaborate productively with them. I work equally well with top executives and small business and start-up owners who are looking to grow big. I meet with people from various backgrounds and industries and this has helped me to “speak their language”. I am always easy to reach. Everyone gets fast response from me to every call, email and online enquiry.

People come to me because they look for a particular solution that they cannot come up with on their own. I listen to what they have to share to get a clear idea of their business needs, vision and goals. This gives me the foundation for developing a digital strategy based on in-depth research and analysis that I conduct with my team. Then we work to turn great ideas into reality. In our professional field, we have to think outside the box. We have mastered this talent over the years and this has helped us to achieve great things for customers. To develop outstanding websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications and custom software, we use broad expert knowledge, experience and creativity.

What My Clients Receive

I lead my team at Whiz to deliver innovative and highly productive solutions helping our clients to achieve their goals. With a powerful digital strategy in place, these solutions become valuable long-term assets. We have helped businesses of various sizes to enter the mobile world with responsive websites and mobile applications and to establish a solid position in it with optimisation, development and the use of custom management systems. I make sure that the organisations that rely on us for their success hold a strong competitive edge just like my business.

Why Choose Me

My work on a diverse set of projects for web, mobile app and software development for over a decade now has helped me to build strong know-how in digital consulting and project management. I apply this expertise with passion for achieving ever greater things for my customers. I’m forward-looking and result-orientated. At my company, Whiz, I have created a productive work environment in which team play flourishes to bring exceptional results.

I combine my love for travel and my eagerness to keep up with all the latest trends in the digital industry by attending big technology conferences. When I’m not working on the next big project, I enjoy mountaineering, running, biking and other sports. My zest for conquering high peaks is translated into my work.

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