Mobile App Development

Just imagine having constant presence on the mobile devices of your customers and engaging them actively. This is easily achievable with a mobile application, developed especially for your business.

As a specialist in mobile app development consulting, I can guide you through the entire process and help you make the best decisions. You can count on me and my team at Whiz to give you a native mobile app working on smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS.

Our experienced designers and programmers will use their skills and creative flair to build an astonishing application which combines elegant design with excellent touch interface for fantastic user experience.

Whether you view the app as building up on your website or as an entirely new platform for marketing and possibly distribution, it will give you a powerful competitive advantage. You will be able to engage more users more effectively and convert them into customers. The mobile app is a powerful tool for growing and solidifying your loyal customer base.

But how can you be sure that the application will work as planned?

This is our job. My team and I have built successful mobile apps for financial institutions, online media, weather forecast websites and more.

Take a closer look at the benefits that we offer:

  • Wide Coverage
    We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, the most popular platforms in the UK and around the globe. Nine in ten smartphone users in the country have a device with either one of the mobile operating systems.
  • Exceptional UI and UX Design
    Beautiful graphics, intuitive navigation and wonderful experience will make your app popular with users. We are meticulous in our work and perfect every feature to the smallest detail.
  • Native Development Only
    Your mobile app will be built in line with the highest standards set by Android and iOS for delivering outstanding performance. Users enjoy fast-loading content and a bunch of fabulous functionalities, which take advantage of the smartphone’s or tablet’s features, while you receive a sustainable digital asset with a huge potential to generate growth for your company.

You want to have a custom mobile app to get ahead of competitors? Let’s get started.

How We Transform a Great Idea into a Profitable Mobile App

Strategic Planning
It all begins with a discussion. Share your objectives and your vision for the application with me. I will get to know your brand to give you the most competent expert advice. I will explain the road ahead and provide full consultation to help you choose between available alternatives and decide on the best course of action for your project. Once we set clear goals together and you are ready to go ahead, my team and I will draw the plan for the development of your mobile app and get down to work.

Effective Targeting
We will research your target audience to find out more about their mobile experiences, expectations and behaviour. Our research will also cover your market and competitors. By analysing the data, we will come up with precise ideas for the app’s features and functionalities and the overall user experience. This will enable us to deliver a digital product which creates value for your customers and becomes a powerful instrument for your business.

Strong Concept
We create sketches to visualise our ideas for the content’s layout and use diagrams to define the structure of the mobile application and the user’s path in it. With specially designed prototypes, we show how the user interacts with the app. The conceptual design will be presented to you and we will discuss it together to ensure that you will receive exactly what you have envisioned.

Native App Development
As an app development company with over seven years of experience, we create visually attractive interface, which is easy and enjoyable to use, by taking into account the sizes and specifics of the smartphone and tablet screens. The mobile applications for iOS and Android receive unique features and functionalities which work impeccably at all times. Each app has a beta version which undergoes rigorous testing on mobile devices. This quality control allows us to refine all details and to eliminate the risk of glitches in performance.

Mobile App Publishing
Count on us for full assistance with the launch of your app. Our designers will create a unique icon that makes it easily recognisable at Apple’s App Store and Google Play. A set of captivating promotional graphics is included in the launch package too. It is time to conquer the mobile world!

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Fantastic App Features and Functionalities for Your Business

Here’s a glimpse of how your mobile application created by us can help you win, engage and keep customers:

  • Diverse and captivating content – Users can enjoy breath-taking graphics, practical and/or entertaining videos and easily readable text, regardless of the screen size and orientation. You can give your customers interactive tools related to your products and brand that will enhance their experience.
  • Personalisation options – We can give you a feature which allows users to create an individual profile for completely personalised interaction with the app. Depending on your business needs, they will be able to do anything via the profile from saving content to making transactions.
  • Intuitive navigation and usage – These are in the core of great user experience. A well-organised menu makes everything present on the app quick to find. It is easy to interact with the application by making different touchscreen gestures. When the app contains advanced features or you simply want to make sure that each and every user is perfectly comfortable with it, we can create a short tutorial for its use.
  • Quick and easy sharing – Social is a major trend these days and your mobile app will give users exactly what they are expecting. Count on us to make content sharing via the social networks and via email utterly simple. The user just needs to tap on the screen. The viral effect created by the social networks helps for popularising your app and your brand in general.
  • Push notifications – As their name hints, these notifications are delivered directly to the smartphone or tablet of the user when the person doesn’t use the app. The messages can be used for increasing app engagement and for marketing and direct promotion. The push notification management is in your hands.
  • In-app notifications – These messages appear on the screen while the user is engaged with your mobile application. They are used in the same way as their push counterparts, but they can be more specifically targeted. For instance, you can present a special offer for a product which the user is viewing.
  • Geo-targeting, geo-fencing and beaconing – The native mobile app will use the localisation feature of the smartphone or tablet to deliver personalised content based on the user’s location. With geo-targeting, you can increase engagement immensely. It can be used for marketing too. Geo-fencing allows businesses with physical shops to establish a fence (range) around their premises so that when an app user is within it, a personalised message is automatically generated. Beaconing works in a similar way, but the message is sent to the app user via Bluetooth (which is highly likely to be turned on given its low battery use). Since the Bluetooth range is smaller, this technology is typically used for engaging users when they are inside the store.
  • Integrated analytics – You will receive accurate and detailed data about the overall app usage, specific user activity, engagement with different types of content and more. We give you the ultimate tool for managing your mobile application based on your marketing, sales and general business objectives.

You know exactly what will work for your business and target audience? Share it with me.

Giving You Top Performance and Growth
My team and I will be there for you at all times after the publishing of the app. We provide ongoing maintenance and support. You can get in touch with us via phone, email or online chat and you will receive quick response. Rely on us to eliminate any kind of problem effectively and swiftly.

For your app to stay competitive and build on its initial success, we provide constant optimisation and add new features and functionalities. Our goal is to keep your application up to date with all the latest trends in the dynamic mobile sphere, which experiences rapid technological advancement. It is a long-term asset that will keep working excellently for you in the future.

If you intend reaching and engaging your customers via a mobile app, get in touch with me to put your plans into action.