Lifting the Curtain on Bespoke Software Development

Why do businesses invest in custom written software? They simply don’t find an on-shelf product which meets their requirements. At the same time, managers are often uneasy about embarking on the journey of development, which they play an important part in. Will the product bring real value to the business? Will it perform well? Will everyone on the company team be able to use it effectively? As a digital consultant with focus on custom software building, I’d like to take you through the development process to answer these and other important questions.

Requirements and Value for Money
It is common for businesses to know where they have problems in their processes, but to be clueless about how to fix them technically. This is where the digital consultant can provide professional support. With research and analysis, I can pinpoint exactly what solutions the software should bring. We get to discuss them to define goals. With clear objectives at hand, the development process can begin. The planning and scheduling are left to us too.
The size of the investment is always an important matter. Instead of concentrating entirely on per-hour rates, it is important to run full cost-benefit analysis. A bespoke software product is a long-term instrument intended to improve processes and to keep costs down. That is why the focus should be on determining the break-even point and the return on the investment over time.

Features, Capabilities and Integration
The core purpose of the bespoke software is to help you perform a range of tasks more effectively and quickly with the use of fewer resources. That is why every feature and capability will be tailored to your specific needs. This includes taking into consideration the technical skills of your employees. The goal of my team of engineers and designers is to produce simple and functional interface and to make every operation easy and quick – no clutter, confusing menus or the need to go back several steps to check something.
Integration is another fundamental for achieving efficiency. The particular solution can be integrated with other software and with different digital platforms which you already use. If the email marketing strategy for your e-commerce website hasn’t been efficient, for example, it can be optimised with the use of bespoke software integrated with the website and with existing CRM tool. The application will be driven by customer data and have a reliable system for performance measurement in addition to a high level of automation.

Performance Testing
Quality control is crucial for successful software development. The new tool for your business will undergo multiple tests on various devices. The performance of each and every function will be carefully examined and analysed. This is how my team and I ensure that the software will work flawlessly from day one.

Deployment and Support
Every new beginning causes excitement and a little bit of apprehension. My job is to eliminate the second part completely. With the use of the right tools and skills, the technical aspect of the deployment will be hassle-free. Together with my team, I will make the learning curve for you and your people as gentle as possible via special training designed to bring maximum result in the shortest time.

What’s next after the software’s deployment? You and your employees will receive full technical support at all times.

Share what business processes you want to improve with custom software. Contact me via email or call my office and seek Philip Philipov to speak to me directly.