How Will Mobile Apps Change in 2016?

The number of mobile app users in the UK is estimated to go over 43.2 million in 2016. It has become customary for most people to check their email, the weather and the news, to have fun and to keep up with their friends via apps. But can you expect to get more and better mobile experiences this year? Will the importance of apps for marketing and sales increase? As a mobile app development consultant, let me take you through the major trends predicted for this year and beyond.

Growing Shift from Websites to Apps
This trend has been around for some time and although it may not have reversed the situation completely, it is growing strong. It is much easier for users to just tap on the app icon than to use a browser to find essential information and services which they need. As brands realise the necessity of having an app (49% of UK businesses participating in a recent survey plan investing in one this year), the competition for finding a permanent place on the smartphones and tablets of consumers becomes more severe. This will drive innovation in mobile technology further.

Increased Visibility
Google is already offering opportunities for using APIs to enable the showing of app content in the results from mobile searches. This allows apps to reach more people more quickly. They key to success is high-quality content matching user’s interests. Mobile applications will also enable direct access to the websites of businesses. This results in shortening of the sales funnel and leads to higher revenues.

Greater Personalisation
Innovative tools allow apps to collect data about the activity, preferences and location of users. With advanced and accurate analytics and well-developed functionalities, personalisation is easily achievable and highly effective. Each user receives unique content and recommendations, which are tailored especially to his/her needs. This makes all marketing strategies more effective and helps to bring sales up.

Well-Rounded Functionalities
Do you have one hundred or more apps on your phone? Are you using all of them fully? As the market for iOS and especially for Android apps becomes ever more competitive, businesses will benefit from integrating a larger array of functionalities to win customers. A weather app, for instance, can help the users with scheduling or vice versa.

Retail Apps Growing Bigger
More and more apps will take the mobile shopping experience one step further. Instead of just marketing products with content and engagement-based programs, applications can offer consumers the opportunity to go over complete catalogues and compare products based on features and prices. This is a successful strategy for increasing sales, especially when the functionalities can be used offline.

Basic Services Going Mobile
More and more traditional services such as utility bill payment and health insurance management will go mobile. This will make the life of consumers easier and increase mobile usage. The level of cross-platform integration will go up. Important information and services will be available across all devices of the user.

What’s the conclusion? Mobile apps become fundamental for marketing and sales in more and more industries. They are still fairly new tools for promotion, lead generation and building loyalty, but they offer fantastic new opportunities which businesses can exploit.

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