5 Key Advantages of a Mobile App for Your Business

Just a decade ago many companies, and especially small, medium-sized and local businesses, need convincing about the importance of a website for getting found by prospects and for building customer loyalty. Now managers are asking, “Why do I need an app when my website’s optimised for mobile?” As a mobile app development consultant, I’d like to introduce you to the unique marketing opportunities which the applications for smartphones and tablets have to offer.

App Store Presence
Mobile users access Apple app store and Google Play with the push of a button and watch out for new offerings every day. This will give your business’s mobile app exposure to all smartphone owners in the UK, accounting for over three quarters of the adult population. This is a fantastic way to promote your company and products on some of the most powerful platforms at present.

Customer Engagement
Once an existing or prospective customer downloads your app, this person is already engaged with your business. You will have constant presence on their mobile device and this is the foundation for getting repeat purchases and building loyalty. The application practically gives you a shortcut to retaining customers which is one of the most challenging and money-consuming tasks in marketing. My team and I will ensure that you not only have a well-functioning mobile app, but that it is especially created to engage your target audience.

Push Notifications
These messages are delivered automatically even if the customer is not actively using your app at the moment. This is a valuable instrument for telling users about new products, special offers, app features, events, company news and anything else that you want. Do these really work? A recent study has shown that the average push notification opening rate is 65% while the peak one is 80%. A marketing expert will be able to create attractive messages with compelling call to action targeting your audience for achieving top results.

Offline Interaction
You can readily choose what app features to be accessible offline to increase the level of customer engagement. These could be product catalogues, posts, audio content and much more. Nowadays, people rarely go offline, but when they do, they actively search for something to fill the gap. Wouldn’t it be great to have customers checking your products or articles instead of magazines, newspapers and other content on long flights or while travelling in the London Underground? When they go online again, they can be ready to make a purchase or take another action.

Effective Management
The performance of a website depends on the speed of the internet connection and the browser’s loading speed. A mobile app is used directly and can offer great experience even offline, as pointed out just now. These are important factors for gaining solid presence on the mobile devices and minds of customers. Furthermore, when you have an application especially tailored to the needs of your business, you can derive accurate performance analytics directly and use it for giving your marketing strategy a further boost.
The latest forecasts show that in the second quarter of 2016, there will be 43.2 million mobile app users in the UK. Your business can secure a permanent spot on their devices.

If you consider a mobile app for your business, email me or send me a message.

Author: philipov

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