As one of the most dynamic technological fields, mobile never lets you relax and go with the flow. There is always something new and truly impressive coming up, whether it is the latest smartphone developed by Apple or Samsung, new Android and iOS guidelines being introduced or a new app getting millions of downloads literally overnight. I’m always there to catch the latest news to keep up to date with the current trends. Of course, as a mobile app development consultant and the leader of a team creating native applications for iOS and Android, I cannot just scratch the surface. I always dig deeper by analysing the latest innovations (smartphone and tablet features, app functionalities and design, personalisation) from the perspective of an expert who is looking to get them to work for his business clients.

When I’m researching a new mobile app or functionality, I put myself into the shoes of users and analyse how they interact with it. My focus is on determining the ease of use, the value that people derive and their level of satisfaction. I have to admit that I usually have a lot of fun, especially with the apps related to my other interests like e-commerce, social networks, travelling and running and to my background in finance and banking. I take notes of my analysis and discuss everything with the app developers and designers on my team. We put down all ideas that come to mind and then implement the best ones in our work.

When it comes to mobile devices, I always study their most innovative features to come up with ways to harness them in the apps that my team and I create. After all, our core goal is to deliver native applications which offer the best user experience. I can spend lots of time playing with new smartphone and tablet features. The more I explore them the more opportunities for exploiting them I find. The satisfaction comes from the whole experience as well as from the results that my team and I deliver to the client at the end of the day.

At tech conferences devoted to mobile, I discover the analysis of mobile device features, app functionalities and trends carried out by other people in the industry, especially developers and designers. It’s always great to see things from a different perspective. For me, conferences are also a fantastic source of inspiration.

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