What Design Features Will Make Websites Successful

Just a decade ago, only big companies had websites and many of them were not particularly functional. Now even the smallest businesses are represented online. In this competitive environment, how do you grab and keep the attention of consumers and how can you achieve a higher conversion rate? There are a lot of factors for success, but I suggest that we start with the fundamental ones and namely website design.

As a web development consultant, I keep up with the latest trends in this dynamic field. This allows me and my team of talented designers and developers to give our clients effectively working modern platforms with long-term potential. Here, I will share the hottest trends.

Responsive Design
If you want your business website to be used from any type of device connected to the internet conveniently, you have to opt for responsive design. While it was viewed as highly desirable just a few years ago, now it has become mandatory. The primary reason for this is that more and more people now use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, to shop and to share things with friends. In the group of adults aged 16 to 24, 96% access the web via their portable connected devices. Surprisingly or not, the share of mobile internet users in the group of adults aged over 65 is also considerable – 29%. Nearly half of ecommerce traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.
Source: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/rdit2/internet-access—households-and-individuals/2015/stb-ia-2015.html

Another reason why responsive design rules the scene and is here to stay is the change in the Google algorithms designed to give higher ranking to websites designed for mobile devices as well as for PCs and laptops. If you want to be found by prospects, you have to go mobile. Otherwise, all of your search engine optimisation efforts may be ruined.

Card Layout
This type of layout came into fashion with flat design and now it has evolved to meet the needs of internet users even better. The basic concept is quite simple. The web page contains clickable cards taking the user to other sections of the website. Each card has unique graphics and/or colour. It can also hold a short text presenting the section. This layout makes it really easy and convenient for visitors to find their way around and to reach the information or product that they are looking for. As the clutter is eliminated and the user enjoys flawless experience, the rate of conversion is bound to increase.

Custom Graphics
One of the main questions that I am asked as a digital consultant is how my team of web designers will make the website stand out among competitors. Unique images have been the norm for quite some time. Now the major focus is on custom graphics. Each feature from the logo to the enquiry button has to be visually impressive and aesthetically appealing. This is an effective way for building a strong brand image in the minds of users. It is possible for unique illustrations to be created for enhancing pages and sections. Infographics can be used for presenting information in a more interesting way.

Finally, no matter what the trends are, the business website has to be unique and to reflect the concept of the brand. Count on me and my team to give you this.

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Effective Team Management for Top Digital Results

It is common for people to imagine that a web developer’s job involves sitting behind the computer in a dark corner and writing code for endless hours. I have to say that this perception is totally wrong. Web, app and software development involves a huge amount of teamwork based on creative interaction and reliable communication. My job as a manager is to lead the team in the right direction and to ensure that the customer receives the required product within the set timeframe. Let me tell you more about how I have organised the work and how I manage my team to produce excellent results.

Teamwork with Confident Leadership
On my team, I have web designers, web and app developers and software engineers who have the technical skills, talent and experience to produce outstanding digital solutions that match the needs of customers precisely. My primary role is to bring them together and to ensure that everyone puts 100 percent in every project. I hire people who have proven their professional abilities with the creation of actual functional solutions.

Another one of the fundamentals of our successful work is that we are all in one office working together. This makes communication easier and more effective. All team members are more motivated as well. When we start working on a project, everyone who will be involved sits down and the brainstorming session begins. I use proven techniques to make my specialists think out of the box. Every idea and contribution counts. I visualise how the work will be done. By taking all relevant factors into account, I develop a plan and schedule for the project and allocate the tasks.

Productive Communication
As a manager, I know that people are the most important factor for project success. That is why I listen carefully when my experts make suggestions and encourage them to point out potential obstacles. I am with my team every day and keep up to date with everything. We discuss the work that has been completed, how it has been done and what kinds of solutions have been implemented. This enables us to deal with challenges and to make improvements right away. It also gives everyone the sense of belonging and this is a major confidence and motivation booster. Both the work quality and productivity are maintained at equally high levels throughout the whole project.

Smart Problem Solving
My strategy for tackling problems is simple, but has always brought the best result. I sit down together with my team and we work to break the problem into smaller parts until we identify a part that can be resolved directly with the means available to us. Once we have the basis, we move onto the other parts and everything goes into place. When the details are all perfect, the big picture is truly awesome.

Achieving Perfection
I always plan everything meticulously to make sure that it comes out as perfect as I have envisioned it to be. My team of like-minded professionals adheres to this principle as well. We test each component and functionality of every website, app and software product that we develop multiple times to confirm that it is flawless.

With the right skills and motivation and with hard work success is inevitable.

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