What Design Features Will Make Websites Successful

Just a decade ago, only big companies had websites and many of them were not particularly functional. Now even the smallest businesses are represented online. In this competitive environment, how do you grab and keep the attention of consumers and how can you achieve a higher conversion rate? There are a lot of factors for success, but I suggest that we start with the fundamental ones and namely website design.

As a web development consultant, I keep up with the latest trends in this dynamic field. This allows me and my team of talented designers and developers to give our clients effectively working modern platforms with long-term potential. Here, I will share the hottest trends.

Responsive Design
If you want your business website to be used from any type of device connected to the internet conveniently, you have to opt for responsive design. While it was viewed as highly desirable just a few years ago, now it has become mandatory. The primary reason for this is that more and more people now use their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, to shop and to share things with friends. In the group of adults aged 16 to 24, 96% access the web via their portable connected devices. Surprisingly or not, the share of mobile internet users in the group of adults aged over 65 is also considerable – 29%. Nearly half of ecommerce traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.
Source: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/rdit2/internet-access—households-and-individuals/2015/stb-ia-2015.html

Another reason why responsive design rules the scene and is here to stay is the change in the Google algorithms designed to give higher ranking to websites designed for mobile devices as well as for PCs and laptops. If you want to be found by prospects, you have to go mobile. Otherwise, all of your search engine optimisation efforts may be ruined.

Card Layout
This type of layout came into fashion with flat design and now it has evolved to meet the needs of internet users even better. The basic concept is quite simple. The web page contains clickable cards taking the user to other sections of the website. Each card has unique graphics and/or colour. It can also hold a short text presenting the section. This layout makes it really easy and convenient for visitors to find their way around and to reach the information or product that they are looking for. As the clutter is eliminated and the user enjoys flawless experience, the rate of conversion is bound to increase.

Custom Graphics
One of the main questions that I am asked as a digital consultant is how my team of web designers will make the website stand out among competitors. Unique images have been the norm for quite some time. Now the major focus is on custom graphics. Each feature from the logo to the enquiry button has to be visually impressive and aesthetically appealing. This is an effective way for building a strong brand image in the minds of users. It is possible for unique illustrations to be created for enhancing pages and sections. Infographics can be used for presenting information in a more interesting way.

Finally, no matter what the trends are, the business website has to be unique and to reflect the concept of the brand. Count on me and my team to give you this.

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The Road to Website Project Success

What makes a business website loved by users and profitable for its owner?

Many people assume that the secret lies with the appearance of the website while others believe that it has to do with its ease of use. Both are true to an extent, but the reality is that a website is successful only when it is based on a strategy for reaching precise business goals and achieving the highest level of user and customer satisfaction. Let me take you through the process of creating the blueprint for the future website and a plan for its development. As a digital consultant, I always explain to managers what I do together with my team of web developers.

Market Research
Each business website has one major purpose: to attract consumers using the internet and to turn them into customers. This makes it a marketing project as well as a technical one. For this reason, preliminary market research is paramount. This research is detailed and focuses on consumer behaviour and preferences and on the strategies, actions and achievement of competitors. Data is collected and carefully analysed. This analysis makes it possible for the new website to be positioned in the most effective way to attract consumers and to stand out from the competition.

Concept Development
The market analysis serves as the basis for creating the concept for the new website. This concept is developed in great detail with the use of mind mapping techniques and software especially designed for the purpose. The result is the website wireframe. This is the screen blueprint of every page. Every section is designed with the needs of the users in mind. Its position is carefully chosen to achieve clear logical flow and high aesthetic appeal. Both technical skills and creativity are used for developing perfect website functionality – easy navigation and orientation, compatibility with all browsers, responsive web design and fast loading. The concept is focused on achieving the best possible user experience. It is presented with the use of a prototype. All specifics are precisely defined.

The blueprints and prototype include not only visual and functional representation of the ideas of the team of web designers and developers. They feature thorough description of every component. This makes it even easier for the customer to get a clear idea of what their website will be like. The software-generated blueprint allows for modifications to be made easily and quickly. This gives us maximum flexibility and allows for higher productive efficiency.

Detailed Content Planning
Once the design and functionality concept is determined, the content of the website is planned in great detail. Simply put, the elements are filled with specific content. There are several major requirements for good website content. It has to attract the user’s attention. It must bring valuable information. It has to be easy to find and to use. It is our job to ensure that these requirements will be met.

The final step involves the setup of a schedule for the execution of the website project. Throughout the whole process there is constant communication between me and the client. As a consultant, I am always available to answer questions. The exchange of ideas and opinions is of immense importance for achieving the best end result.

If you have a website project in mind, let’s discuss it. If you call my office at Whiz, just ask the person to speak to Philip Philipov. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.