Increasing Customer Engagement with a Mobile App: How Does It Work?

The sales made through mobile apps in the UK account for a third of all retail spending made via mobile devices. This is just one piece of data showing how important the applications are for doing business in the digital world. Now you can engage consumers even more effectively to increase your sales with the help of your company’s mobile app. Let me take you through the features, tools and methods necessary for this.

Unique Functionalities
The main purpose of having a mobile app for your business is to use secure yet another distribution and/or marketing channel. It should build up on your website. That is why it has to offer an even richer user experience. This can be easily achieved with a native application which is designed to take advantage of the functionalities of smartphones and tablets.
For example, users can get the opportunity to make voice searches to find content, products and services more easily and quickly. If you are in fashion retail or another business for which images sell, you can have the app integrated with the camera of the smart device enabling users to share photos or to see how they look with different garments and accessories. The sky is the limit.

Attractive and Valuable Content
While some app users are ready to convert and become your customers, others simply want to gather information in a pleasant way. Target all of these segments by offering high-quality content via your mobile app. Having written content, images and video will enable you to engage the largest possible number of users.
How do you make content valuable? Use demographics and data on user behaviour and preferences to give customers what they want, be it entertaining content, practical advice related to your products and services or both. As long as your app has integrated analytics, you will receive accurate consumer data in real time and have all the tools necessary for analysing it and optimising your content and overall marketing strategy.

Easy Social Media Sharing
You know that the social media are among the most effective digital marketing channels. Around 33% of businesses in the UK generate significant lead and sales volume via them, according to a recent survey. Then why don’t you integrate your mobile app with the social media? Enabling users to share content with just one click of a button will increase your brand’s exposure without additional investment on your part. This is how you can engage new consumers interested in your products and services and in your application too.

Target Marketing
A well-built mobile up must come with a system for push notifications. These are among the most valuable tools for target marketing which you can use in the digital world, even though they have been around for a fairly short time. These notifications are automatically generated on the mobile device even if the user isn’t engaged with the app at the moment. They are useful not only for making people open your app, but for distributing powerful marketing messages. You can make announcements about new products and send promotional offers. The key to success is to segment the audience and to target them with the right message at the right time. Use your app’s analytics to help you with this.

Count on me and my team to give you a mobile app equipped with everything necessary for consumer engagement.

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